Evergreen Village’s signature Superior Comfort EVMats Mattress, the Interlock Rubber Flooring System, represents the final word in flooring for use on concrete/dirt floors. Our design is currently one stop solution for the pinnacle of evolution of Rubber matting.
A freestall mattress designed to provide superior levels of cow comfort. The innovative and unique design of the freestall mattress features pillows on both sides of the mat.
The cow mattress has a 25 mm EVA mats that is made up of millions of tiny closed-air cells that contract and expand as pressure is added and removed.
This design gives them two unique advantages over rubber mats or cow mattresses: The finished product will not permanently compress and harden the way a mattress might, and it will never absorb liquid. We also offer an option for 25mm layer of PU latex foam, which creates a cushioned top surface providing maximum cow comfort with a deflection of up to 33mm. The back of the mat has a sloped, non-abrasive profile which allows animal waste to be easily pushed into the passageway. The mattress has been specially designed with a hidden interlock to create a seamless finish.

The Interlock rubber mat adapts to any configuration or surface and can be installed virtually anywhere. Whether it’s destined for a new or an upgraded facility, you will notice an immediate difference in the behavior of your cows/horses. Traditional cleaning Methods used can be automatics manure scrapers, flush systems, manually hosing down the mats, scraping with a rubber tire scraper on either a skid steer or a tractor.

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