EVMats Stable Mats

EVMats Stable Mats

The EVMats is a stable matting system which is ideal for use in stables and horse walkers. Our Stable mat is designed from a cushioned virgin rubber material which absorbs impact and protects horses from injury. Ideal for horses who are prone to injuries from rolling and or becoming cast in stables.

  • Heavy duty, 18mm thick 100% rubber mats
  • Each set of mats lock tightly together to make a straight edge area
  • The interlock gives an exceptionally smooth, tight fit with no gaps, bending or curling
  • Non-slip, easy-to-sweep Diamond/Bubble/Hammer/Amoebic top finish

Keep your horse warm and comfortable while saving you time and money.

The 4 ft. x 6 ft. x ¾” is a thick rubber stall mat has a number of benefits. The surface delivers good traction for animals and humans, thanks to a varied top texture. Even if they become wet, the texture means everyone will maintain a good footing.

Because our animal mats are hefty, for those who need to move them easily, we might recommend a smaller size. But for those who like the idea of using 100-pound 4×6 mats that the animal cannot jostle out of place, these are a smart choice. Understand that the 3/4-inch thickness in the rubber horse mat makes it difficult for people to roll it up and carry it as well.

Equestrians know that moisture and water can easily appear in the barn. With these in place, it is easier to clean, preventing mud from forming. Additionally, with the textured, punter surface, it becomes slip resistant.

Installation is easy, thanks to the straight edges. Just create a flat subsurface. If they are lying flat, it’ll reduce concerns over buckling or rolling. Those who need to cut it to fit in a certain space can do so with a sharp utility knife, but it will take several strokes to work though it.

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