EVMats Super Grip Mats

EVMats Super Grip Mats

Our EVMats, Interlocking High-Grip & Durable Rubber Matting ( interlockable in all sides as well)

EVMats Super Grip 4 and Super Grip 8 rubber matting has a Super Grip high grip surface, The interlocking mat is ideal for walkways and collecting yards.

The rubber mats provide a comfortable and confident walking surface for beef cattle. Ideal for areas of high-volume traffic within the farm.

Suitable for use with automatic scrapers and robotic scrapers, which have been adjusted for use on rubber floors. Ideal for cleaning with a pressure washer or water hose.

Supergrip  4 – Suitable for herd Sizes: 0-200  Cows

Supergrip  8 – Suitable for herd sizes: 150+

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