EVMats Soft Stable Wall Mats

EVMats Soft Stable Wall Mats

The EVMats Softwall is a stable wall matting system which is ideal for use in stables and horse walkers. Our Softwall mat is designed from a cushioned EVA material which absorbs impact and protects horses from injury. Ideal for horses who are prone to injuries from rolling and or becoming cast in stables.

Usually installed 4ft high on a Stable Wall. When fitted 6ft high it will protect the bigger boys and girls with a higher reach.  Suitable for use in various applications including the following;

  • Wall Matting
  • Horse Box and trailer Lining
  • Playmats
  • Temporary floor Mats for Events
  • Whelping box lining

As our 10mm EVA mats but double the thickness, so double the strength and insulation factor – good for reducing drumming road noise in horseboxes and trailers.

For the floor of a hutch or run, EVA mats can be used because they are lighter, so compression and spread are not as big an issue.

For wall protection from a horse kicking, use solid rubber mats that are stronger and more durable.

This light weight EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam mat has a diamond pattern on one side.

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