Welcome Iron mat

Welcome Iron mat

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This series of stylish and unique doormat makes a perfectly fun addition to any porch, patio area or door.  A customer who wants to use this mat to catch dirt as your guests enter your home or as decoration to show off your love of toms. This series of artwork can withstand seasonal changes and can be used outside all year long. Designed rubber floor mats in particular have specific qualities that make them the go-to flooring for heavy traffic or those who are on their feet most of the day.


  • Durable and Anti-Slip -Rubber back sticks the mat to the floor and giving it cushion and non-slippery quality.
  • Anti-Bacterial Surface– This series of Mats are weather and moisture resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, hence stopping bacteria from piling up on the surface.
  • Low floor Design– Design looks very stylish and doesn’t get stuck under the swinging doors.
  • Long Lasting – Our Iron Mat series boast highest quality Natural Rubber with non-porous and durable rubber back, can retain toughness and texture making it a great option for outdoor mats, capturing dirt despite of using it for hours.
  • Easy to Maintain– Spray water through rubber and the mat will be all clean and dust-free.
  • Multi-Usage – The rubber pin mat is ideal for indoor/outdoor use, it can be used anywhere such as entrance, pool, bathroom, kitchen and wet areas.


18” X 30”

24″ X 48″ `