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Product 2

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No-slip-grip. Made of strong and durable rubber, this washable door mat stays in place! Its holes and textured design allow for excellent traction and easy drainage of liquid and grease, helping to prevent slipping in restaurants, garages, or any high-traffic area. Anti-fatigue. This restaurant mat is perfect for workers who stand for long periods of time! The resilient and comfortable rubber creates a cushion, acting as a shock absorber, aiding in relief from muscle fatigue. Perfect for residential or commercial use. Long-lasting rubber material and versatile construction make this mat a great addition to any garage, kitchen, coffee shop, or store! Sturdy enough to withstand oil, grease, and another liquid spillage, and holds up through heavy usage such as commercial restaurant equipment. Keeps spaces clean. Avoid tracking and spreading dirt. The helpful perforated texture of this thick rubber mat helps to trap dirt and debris from shoes and work areas, containing messes and helping with efficient clean-up!



  • Keeps dirt and mud out: this door mat is made of rubber, so it is waterproof and remove dirt and mud easily. You can wash it easily keep it always clean
  • Anti-slip quality: it has a great anti-slip feature as the rubber back that grips the ground and provides cushion, an excellent feature
  • Tough on dirt: natural rubber removes water and dirt from footwear while the heavy rubber base keeps the mat in place
  • Reusable and easy to clean spray down with a nozzle on a garden hose or brush this washable door mat. The heavy-duty rubber material holds up against the toughest of weather conditions, dries quickly


Material: Natural Rubber

Size Available:

  1. (18” * 30”) 1.2 kg
  2. (24” * 36”) 1.2 kg
  3. (36”*60”)
  4. (48”*72”)

Color Available: · Black