Product 1

Product 1

Featuring a nice and neat linear pattern that gives the mat its name, this commercial entrance matting is well suited for a variety of indoor or outdoor applications. Made with reclaimed rubber, this ‘green’ flooring offers a great amount of durability at a great price. Lightweight and easy to handle, one of the biggest benefits of having this rubber entrance mat is for its use as anti-slip flooring. Additionally, another benefit is that is can scrape off unwanted debris from the shoes of both you and your guests. This is a great ‘Green’ flooring product for the ‘Green’ consumer. Reclaimed rubber is made from discarded tires. This helps to free up a lot of space in landfills that could be used for biodegradable waste. It helps keep the environment healthy. It will also do a kindness to your wallet because these outdoor floor mats are a more affordable option with a increased amount of sustainability. Scraper Rubber Mats are heavy-duty, durable rubber mats, designed with a low profile for door clearance.

• Raised oval design on floor mat surface works hard to scrape shoes clean and provides traction even when wet.

• Dirt and debris is held within the trenches of the rubber floor mat, helping to keep the mat working effectively.

• Constructed of 100% skid-resistant nitrile rubber, not affected by grease or oil.

• Heavy-duty rubber mat ideal for high-traffic, outdoor areas

• This rubber mat is easy to clean, simply sweep or hose off.


Material: Natural Rubber

Size Available:

  1. (18” * 30”) 1.2 kg
  2. (24” * 36”) 1.2 kg
  3. (36”*60”)
  4. (48”*72”)


Color Available: · Black