Plain Rubber pin mat

Plain Rubber pin mat

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Skillfully manufactured by using a mixture of reclaimed and natural rubber, the ‘Dura-Scraper Checkered’ rubber doormat is the perfect item to have at your entrances. It conglomerates the affordability and sustainability of eco flooring products with superior traction and dirt scraping abilities. Appropriate for industrial or commercial, door mat applications, this anti-slip floor mat is tough, sturdy and durable.


  • Rubber Scraper Mats are heavy duty, outdoor rubber mats that are a great first line of defense to remove dirt, debris, gravel and snow from shoes before being brought inside.
  • Rubber Scraper Mats boast a raised oval (lozenge nub) surface pattern to effectively clean shoes and provide enhanced traction, even while wet.
  • These rubber mats are manufactured with a low profile (1/4″ thick) for excellent door clearance.
  • Debris and water are retained in the channels of these rubber door mats, which help keep the surface clean and dry and thus allow the mat to continue scraping.
  • Rubber Scraper Mats are finished from a skid-resistant rubber to stay in place on virtually any hard surface flooring such as cement, concrete, wood, tile, vinyl and terrazzo.
  • These commercial rubber mats are perfect for high-traffic, outdoor locations.
  • To clean these rubber mats, simply sweep, shake out, or hose down as needed.

Product Details

  • Primary Material: Reclaimed Rubber
  • All-Weather: Yes


Material:  Natural Rubber

Size Available:

(18” * 30”) 1.2 kg

(2 ft * 3 ft) 2.2 kg

(5 ft * 3 ft)**

(6 ft * 4 ft)**

Color Available: · Black