Diamond Top Cut (Interlocking and Straight Edge )

Diamond Top Cut (Interlocking and Straight Edge )

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Modern horses lead an up-and-down life. Up about 25-35 times per day to walk, to eat, to drink. Then down again to rest and ruminate. This is their natural behavior and lying down is the key to it all. Therefore, ensuring a horse is comfortable during this process can have a significant effect on health and productivity

When a heavy horse lies down the impact of her front knees on the cubicle floor is enormous. The horse can put about two thirds of her bodyweight on her front knees, meaning around 250 kg drop freely to the floor from a height of 25 to 30 centimeters. On a hard surface this can cause so much suffering that a Stable will remain standing for far too long or be in so much discomfort that getting up is equally painful. Either way, the horse’s feed intake and utilization will suffer badly. Our Stable mats and mattresses, however, absorb the shock of lying down, protecting the horse’s knees from pain and injury and creating comfortable conditions. Furthermore, the stable mats and mattresses promote natural activity and rest, to improve the way Stables ingest and utilize feed or water intake, which results in higher morality yield


Our stable mats are specially designed to be warm, soft, dust & smell free, and is made from natural rubber that gives complete comfort to Stables. Manufactured by our adroit professionals in compliance with international quality standards using the finest quality rubber, it is available in different specifications to meet the needs of our clients.

The stable mat can be used over existing concrete, natural soil or clay. Mats and runners level the surface, ending the days of filling holes or adding dirt All runners and mats are non-porous genuine rubber, and will not absorb or retain moisture or urine. They will not crack under extreme heat or cold.

  • These mats are ideal for show horses and old horses- many farmers find their old horses will last longer and get up easier on mats.
  • Easier to clean – no ribs to collect manure – reduces bacteria growth.
  • Saves 80% or more on bedding – reduces time and effort spent producing, storing and spreading bedding – stable mats will quickly pay for themselves.

Thesehorse Stable mats are durable, versatile, and ideal for agricultural use, flooring in weight rooms and even flooring in CrossFit gyms.

These rubber stall mats 4×6 are durable, strong and built to perform in a variety of settings. Crafted from SBR bonded granular black recycled rubber, these mats have a weight of 3.8 pounds per square foot. This density means that the mats can withstand tremendous amounts of weight without being damaged. These mats can be heavy to move, but once in place you can rest assured that they aren’t going anywhere, even with horse, human and vehicle traffic.

These mats are smooth on one side, while the opposite side has an anti-skid wire mesh texture to provide plenty of grip. Both sides of the mat are non-porous, ensuring that liquids won’t permeate through the mat.

A 4×6 stall mat can serve countless uses around your farm.

Freight delivery only, oversized product, no liftgate option available, customer must be able to unload the material off the truck.

Stall Mats
These 4×6 rubber stall mats provide a supportive yet forgiving surface in any horse stall. Stall mats can help to keep horses from churning up or digging into the sand or clay base of a stall. These mats are also a great way to soften the hard and fatiguing surface of a concrete stall base. Stall mats help to prevent urine from pooling in the base of a stall and make for an overall healthier stall environment.

A matted stall is easier to clean, since horses cannot dig down into or churn up a sand or clay stall base. This makes for lighter bedding, since sand doesn’t get mixed in to weigh it down, and keeps your bedding cleaner, longer. If you’re dealing with a concrete stall base, rubber stall mats can help to prevent health issues, such as fatigue and sore muscles, which can occur when horses spend long hours standing on concrete. These stall mats will also help to prevent some of the cold of the concrete from traveling to your horse’s body during the winter. This amounts to a well-rested horse ready to perform at his best.

Because stall mats are a firm yet forgiving surface, you can put down less bedding while still giving your horse the cushion that he needs to be able to lie down comfortably. You will also throw out less bedding with each cleaning, and you can muck a matted stall faster than an un-matted one. When you have a large barn and paid help, the savings that these 4×6 stall mats can provide over the course of a year are significant.

These 4×6 horse stall mats can have other positive implications for your equestrian business. Matted stalls are considered a luxury by many equestrians and matting your stalls can help to draw clients. Between the savings in bedding and labor and the increased incentive for boarders to consider your facility, can you afford not to invest in these stall mats?

We offer 4×6 stall mats at an economical price. At just over $2 per square foot, matting a single stall is an affordable investment. These stall mats are a practical choice whether you need to mat just a few stalls or an entire equestrian facility.

Not sure just how many mats you will need for a stall? Try our Floor Plan Designer/Estimator to find out how to best lay out your stall mats while wasting the least possible material.

Trailer Mats
These multi-purpose mats are useful for more than just horse stall flooring, though. Durable and tough, these mats can be used to line your horse trailer and ramps. Simply cut them to size and you have mats designed to provide your horse with traction while protecting the integrity of your trailer floors. Replacing your trailer floor can run thousands of dollars, and a vet bill from a fallen horse can cost even more than that. These rubber mats are an economical and practical investment in both your trailer and your horse’s future.

Stall Kick Pads
Rubber stall mats can also be useful as stall kick pads. Attaching these mats to your horse’s stall walls can help to protect a chronic stall kicker’s legs from injury. Using these mats as kick pads will also help to protect your stall walls from the extensive damage that a kicker can cause. Thanks to these mats’ generous size, you can line a 10×10-foot or 12×12-foot stall with just a few mats at minimal cost.

Barn Aisle Mats
Rubber stall mats are frequently used to line barn aisles. These mats make for a more forgiving surface than concrete or brick aisles do. Additionally, rubber mats offer better traction than concrete does, especially when they get wet. Easy to sweep up and offering a clean, attractive appearance, stall mats may be the perfect way to make your barn aisle safer for both horses and humans.

Grooming and Wash Stall Floors
You might also use these stall mats as flooring for your grooming and wash stalls. With excellent traction and durability, these mats will stand up to the rigorous use that these areas in your barn get.

Traditional concrete flooring gets incredibly slick when wet, so a stall mat in a wash stall is essential. Just be sure that you position the stall mat so that it doesn’t cover the drain, or cut a hole into the mat to allow water to reach the drain.

Horses and humans will appreciate the more comfortable surface that stall mats create in grooming stalls, especially when grooms are conducting time-consuming chores like braiding or body clipping. Additionally, hair and dirt won’t get trapped in stall mats the same way that they can get caught in the rough surface of asphalt or textured concrete, making for easier clean-up.