EV Pluto series Rubber Mats Straight Edged
(Up to 6 Mpa)

EV Pluto series Rubber Mats Straight Edged (Up to 6 Mpa)

Evergreen Villages Pluto series is a straight edge Rubber mat ideal for sucklers, dry cows, heifers, Horse stables and gymnasiums.

Pluto Series: Equine, Weight Room & CrossFit

Our Straight Edge 4×6 stall mats product is the straight edge version of our very popular Interlocking Saturn 4×6 Stall Mat. These incredibly durable and affordable 4×6 rubber stall mats work perfectly in horse stalls, weight rooms, and Cross Fit gyms, or wherever the smell of rubber is not a concern indoors.

Benefits of Pluto Series

Customers like using them for a number of reasons. For one, cleaning is easier. Traditional stalls will have a dirt floor with straw for bedding, which can be extremely messy. With horse barn flooring, straw is easier to remove, as it won’t be mashed into the dirt. Owners can save money on bedding with these. Mucking becomes a lot simpler with flat, firm surfaces that the horse mat provides too.

It has key features that set it apart from other products. Owners can feel comfortable that the rubber floor mats will support the weight of large animals without buckling or curling.

Ours are manufactured to tight tolerances, ensuring the edges are perfectly squared, allowing then to line up closely to each other. By avoiding gaps between them, horses will have safer areas to stand and move around, reducing the chances of a stumble. Gaps also allow water and urine to leak beneath, creating a muddy hazard.