EV Generation series Interlock Rubber Mats

(Up to 8 Mpa)

EV Generation series Interlock Rubber Mats (Up to 8 Mpa)

Evergreen Village’s signature Generation series product, the Interlock Rubber Flooring System, represents the final word in flooring for use on concrete/dirt floors. Our design is currently one stop solution for pinnacle of evolution of Rubber matting

Our Interlock Rubber Flooring System’s unique top designs, manufactured using the highest quality Natural Rubber, provides excellent surface traction for all types of livestock wet or dry, manure or not and snow. The Evergreen Village Interlocking rubber mat is the definition of comfort and safety to your livestock and Gyms.

The Interlock rubber mat adapts to any configuration or surface and can be installed virtually anywhere. Whether it’s destined for a new or an upgraded facility, you will notice an immediate difference in the behavior of your cows/horses. Traditional cleaning Methods used can be automatics manure scrapers, flush systems, manually hosing down the mats, scraping with a rubber tire scraper on either a skid steer or a tractor.




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